I found Cricut!

About 6 months ago, I received an email for a Cricut Explore Air 2 for $199 with free shipping. I couldn’t resist, and bought it. My life has been changed. I can cut fabric for the quilts I want to make for my grandkids. I had been looking at cutting machines for years, but never wanted to pay the price of one. The Explore Air could cut fabric, so I was elated. I started prepping the fabric because that’s how the fabric needed to be cut. The blade is a fine point blade and didn’t really cut the fabric, it seemed to test the fabric in 2 pieces. This is not what I wanted. The Cricut Maker had rotary cutter and I had to have one. No prepping fabric. Since, I cut with a rotary cutter and ruler and have more waste than cut fabric. The Maker is perfect.

Published by Lois Forgie

I'm just starting out with a Cricut Maker and my sewing machine. I'm an advanced sewer and new to Cricut. I've always wanted a cutting machine. Michael's Crafts sent me an offer I couldn't refuse. I bought the whole set, Explore Air 2, Maker and Joy. Everyone has the set, so I got the set too.

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